Frédéric Bastin

I am an artist and art therapist living in Liège (Belgium).

I organize art therapy and abstract painting workshops in Liège.
I also work as art therapist and art animator in a mental health institute.


From October 01 to November 01 : A new Hope - Personal Exhibition at the arts2be Gallery

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This exhibition of lyrical abstraction will show an exclusive serie of drawings on paper.
Always inspired by my work in art therapy, I will be glad to show you more serene, more Zen atmospheres, but always very rich in colors.

For those who appreciated my paintings created until 2014 will be able to discover again my work of sumi-e, pointillism as well as new techniques more expressive of dripping and pouring (used in 2017) ... and a return of the classic drawing.

The opening and exhibition dates will be confirmed very soon.

The address:

arts2be, 25a rue des Brasseries at 1300 Wavre (Belgium)
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