My painting relates to abstract expressionism. I work on large formats because I would like to free the picture from the framework. I use intuitive, spontaneous or mechanical techniques. I use gestures, colors. l Lack of visual perspectives.

My painting is also lyrical abstraction. The expression of emotion is highlighted. It is the opposite of a geometric or decorative abstraction that I consider too reflexive, cold and rigid. The perspective is spiritual.

The canvas balance between action and emotion. The work is an event that extends from the creation to the participation of the viewer.

Color and movement are important symbols for me. I associated them in my pseudonym "Choreographer of colors".

My painting unfolds in harmonious movements creating a balance between states of introversion and extraversion.

Intimate Art

Beyond art brut, my work is described as Intimate Art, defined as follows by the Athanor Institute of Art Therapy: "a contemporary artistic approach where the power of works arises from the emotional intensity, Of a tension between experience and meaning, transcribed into matter ". In other words, the art of the intimate is a creative process that allows an artist to express his vision of the world not as he sees it but as he feels it.

I absorb the flow of information and channel it into my work, letting myself be guided by my feelings.

This approach is introspective, philosophical and spiritual, very far from the political and psychological ways in art. It is not a question of understanding but of emotions face to face of the complexity of our world.

In an intimate way, it is my emotions, my fears and my hopes, that I offer to the viewer. He will find ways to meditate on his own questions and find his answers by himself.

In painting, we are accustomed to discourse, to description, to understanding. Painting is not the truth; Realism must not be sought since it can not be achieved. The work will not be an object, but the moment when our senses take possession of it.


While continuing to paint, I create larger installations, dubbed lighting effects. There are autonomous and also serve as supports for various animations. They allow the public to feel, to internalize and to experience fully an artistic experience.

art therapy

Before I discovered the theories of art therapy, my practice was totally intuitive. I combined my achievements in judo, meditation and art.

I was convinced that "the only acceptable adventure for Human of our time is within himself," to quote Carl Gustav Jung. Today, it is consciously that my artistic work feeds on art therapy and martial arts.

In my art therapy workshops, I quickly noticed the beneficial effects on the fluctuations of our emotions, especially those with which we feel in difficulty.


You can discover my works at various exhibitions offered mainly in Europe.
  • Colored Eyeliner, Optométriste DavidRose, Bruxelles (Belgique), 2009
  • Espace de Couleurs (parrainée par Globe Trott’Art Asbl), MPA, Charleroi (Belgique), 2011
  • Expoly’Chrome, Abbaye de Forest, Bruxelles (Belgique), 2011
  • 5è anniversaire de la fédération ArtMagna, Galerie Brenart Internationale, Bruxelles (Belgique), 2011
  • Graines d’Avenir (au profit des enfants tibétains en exil), Champs-Elysées, Paris (France), 2011
  • Exposicion Picasso, ArteADiscar Gallery, Malaga (Espagne), 2011
  • Salon d’art contemporain, Château Lavaux-Sainte-Anne, Lavaux-Sainte-Anne (Belgique), 2012
  • Art’Ifice 2012, Centre culturel de Montgeron, Montgeron (France), 2012
  • Incub’Art, galerie Clair-Obscur, Liège (Belgique), 2013
  • Mobil’Art (au profit des personnes à mobilité réduite), 6è biennale d’art contemporain, Liège (Belgique), 2013
  • Wheel Come on Board, Espace culturel Carré Rotonde, Luxembourg (Luxembourg), 2013
  • p’Art’ages (au profit des enfants cancéreux du CHR Citadelle), Tour du château d’Oupeye, Liège (Belgique), 2014
  • Traces d’Artistes et Courants d’Art II (rétrospective de l’art belge de 1950 à nos jours), Maison de la culture De Scharbiellie, De Panne (Belgique), 2015
  • Diversité, Cercle des Beaux-Arts de Liège, Liège (Belgique), 2015
  • p’Art’ages (au profit des enfants cancéreux du CHR Citadelle), Tour du château d’Oupeye, Liège (Belgique), 2015
  • Exposition Collective, Galerie Source O Couleurs, Chaudfontaine (Belgique), 2015
  • ArtShopping Paris (salon international d’art contemporain), Carrousel du Louvres, Paris (France), 2016
  • Traces d’Artistes et Courants d’Art III (Le Beau Bizarre), Château de Waroux, Ans (Belgique), 2017
  • ArtExpo New-York, New-York (USA), 2017
  • L’Art intime de Frédéric Bastin (exposition personnelle), Galerie arts2be, Wavre (Belgique), 2017
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